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What is the business context?

Business software are aplenty. You have various types of ERP's. There are lot of software applications for your sales team automation. For customer support and relationship management, there are lot of applications are available. In most of the organizations, there are multiple software applications are running in parallel. Some of them are integrated, some of them are not. Some of the applications are installed and maintained in local servers/machines. Some of the applications are cloud based.

Mobile technology has changed the way we do business. It has a great impact on the day to day operations. Web technology has removed the time barriers. Most of the businesses are taking advantages of the websites and mobile platforms to increase the reach. Globalization has brought the biggest advantages .


What are the challenges?

We have lot of solutions. We have lot of software applications. We have lot of automation possibilities. Then what is the challenge? The biggest challenge probably to orchestrate the various parts together to run the business. An end-to-end flow. Cutting across all the silos. A flexible solutions to integrate people, processes and systems.

There is a lot of challenge in integrating existing local applications with the new generation mobile platforms. The same way a lot of technology integrations needed to bring a an end-to-end automation and business flow. Ever increasing customer expectations and business environmental changes are another big challenging area.


What is our solution?

We, Business Process Automation Solutions (BPAS), provide workflow automation solutions to bring an end-to-end business flow. Our workflow automation solution can integrate various applications, no matter whether they are installed locally or they are on the cloud. Our cloud based workflow automation solution can bring the perfect harmony of working with people, processes and systems. Resulting a higher productivity and better agility by responding faster to the changes.

Our workflow automation solution can integrate your ERP/CRM applications. It will be a cost effective solution to extend the effectiveness of the ERP/CRM to various mobile devices. Shorter deployment cycles ensures faster ROI.

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